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Chapter 1: Not a normal day

Mike Williams series: A courtroom drama in space

Mike Williams was an extremely normal person. If you can use the word “extremely” about someone who is absolutely not extreme in any way, that is. He lived in a small house in a medium-sized town. Not a Big City, but not a small village either.

He didn’t hate his job but was as fond of it as he could be. He worked at a help desk and answered the same ten questions asked in one hundred different rude ways over and over again.

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At the end of the universe

At the end of the universe a young girl and a robot sat at a diner.
‘Don’t say it,’ she grumbled.
“I didn’t,” the robot answered.
They sat in silence, the girl stirring her coffee, the robot sipping it’s oil.
“I told you, we shouldn’t have made that turn,” the robot added at last.
“And I told you to shut up!”