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I’m highly sensitive – are you?

I am a volunteer at a Danish online project for vulnerable young people.Here I’ve been a chat counsellor, and I blog about my experiences depression when I was a teenager and how I recovered. I recently began to tell about my experience as being a highly sensitive person and how I tackle my everyday life.I asked at Mastodon if anyone would be interested in a translated blog post about HSP, and here it is 😊

I’m a highly sensitive person – are you?

Years ago, I stumbled across the book The Highly Sensitive Personby Elaine N. Aron and suddenly a lot of pieces fell into place. Most of my life I have felt wrong and different, and I have often thought “what on Earth is wrong with me?”. Nothing, it turned out, I’m just highly sensitive.

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Storytelling and Nordic LARP

I was so lucky that the amazing site Exilian, that amongst other things publishes articles about every cool subject, posted an article of mine on my birthday.
The article is called Storytelling and Nordic LARP and I share some of the skills and observations I’ve made during many years of creating Live Action RolePlay. I tell about the process of thinking in nonlinear storylines and how skills picked up at roleplay can be useful in your everyday life.
If you have any interest in roleplay, storytelling or gameplay/development you should check it out.

A photo from LARP showing a an observation post, shields and a wagon.