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A big tasty bite of hobbit

A fanfic about an adventurous hobbit and her elf rescuer.
First: A hobbit in trouble

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?”

Mentha tried to get her hands free but the robes were tight and secure. Around her was the entire group of bandits gathered, together with their enormous drooling dog.

“I think it’s a hobbit, Gordon!”

The big balled bandit who clearly was some sort of leader smacked the other bandit in the face with the back of his huge hand.

“I know it’s a hobbit, you moron!”

Mentha was tired of stupid smelling humans who tied her up.

“Let me go!” she yelled and wriggled in the robes.

The chief bandit, Gordon, stepped forward and kneeled to get closer. With an eerie sound he drew his long wicked dagger, which had seen a lot of action according to the deep notches in the blade.

“I don’t think so, hobbit.” He made the last word sound like an insult. “You see, this ugly fello’, Bastard, is very hungry. And while I don’t think hobbit would taste good in a stew, I don’t think Bastard would mind.”

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