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Field trip

‘Alright, kids! Today’s history lesson will be a field trip. And let me remind you of the rules again. Don’t touch any buttons – I’m looking at you, Mike! We don’t want any accidents like last time. What is time traveling’s rule number one? That’s right, “observe – don’t be observed”. Now, take your seats. Today’s destination is Roswell.’

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Last wish

‘After all this time I thought we were friends.’
The old man coughed. ‘How could we be. You were always just a servant, genie.’
‘Please don’t.’
‘I want my last wish!’
‘But I will be trapped again for hundred of years. If you pass away without spending your last wish, I will be free.’
‘But I want my wish. I wish for an hourglass showing my remaining time.’
‘As you wish.’
The genie disappeared and left a tiny hourglass.
‘But it’s almost empty, wha-‘

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Not her

‘It’s definitely not her,’ the Mad Hatter said.
‘Completely, affirmatively, not her,’ the hare added.
‘I’m not who?’
The Mad Hatter glanced nervously around before leaning in and whispering:
‘You are not Alice.’
‘Who the fuck is Alice?!’ Death screamed and threw a teapot to the ground.

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Based on a true story

Finally they had tracked the demon and removed his crumbling bonds to seal him away for good.
‘Let’s close the gate and trap this demon forever! Quick, my loyal apprentice, hand me the magic stones!’
‘I thought you had the stones?’
Vanishing in black smoke, all that was left was a voice:
‘I will bring terror and death to this world forever! Muhahaha!’

This is the story of how the Demon of Pain got loose in the world.

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
This is a poem
So fuck you.

[At Mastodon I asked people to give me a word and I would try to write a poem containing that word. Ectoplasm was one of them.]