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My 6 favourite free tools

About 2 years ago I decided to be self-employed. With no knowledge about how to do that and no money, I was in for a steep learning curve. In a world where programs get pricier and pricier and shift to being subscription based, I’m all in for free and maybe even open source solutions.

So I’ve made a list of my favourite free programs. I’ve included some where there’s a paid version as well, but only in cases where I’m happy with the free version. Some of them are online tools and others are downloadable programs, I’ve added the details to each. Let’s go!
Free version
If you need a time tracker, this is the one. I’ve even written an entire blog post about this (in Danish) on my business website. It’s one of the most user-friendly programs I’ve ever used. It got the basics, click and track, but if you need it, you can add projects, clients, payment, and extract reports and so on.

Most programs hide the basics in between all the extra settings, but not this one. I use the free version and I couldn’t do without it. I use it on the clients, where I charge per hour (as oppose to the ones, where there’s a pre-defined price).

If you need to track time on a project of your own, a project for a client or just want to know how much time you spend of different things, this is for you.

Subtitle Edit
Open Source, entirely free
One of the things I do for my clients is making subtitles. I know many who do it in YouTube, and that’s fine as long as it’s your own videos and you intend to upload them to YouTube. But if you need a separate program, I highly recommend this one.

I’ve worked for a long time in a different one, but it had issues with longer videos, so I switched to this one and never looked back. All the settings and buttons can be intimidating, but there’re a couple of good tutorials on YouTube and you really don’t need to interact with that many settings. I love to work with the waveform, so make sure to add that if you want too as well. I use this program almost every week!

Free version

Hands down, I’m a huge Canva fan. I know it’s not perfect, and I know that it lacks a lot compared to a professional editor, but if you need a design program and you’re not a designer, this is for you.

I used the free version the first 9 months in my business before upgrading (and I haven’t regretted it once!). I use it all the time in my business and in my spare time for social media content, flyers, posters, e-books, PowerPoint templates, illustrations, graphics – you name it. It’s so easy to use and I think the free version will get you really far (but since it’s more than a year since I changed to the paid version, they could have made changes to the free version, that I’m not aware of).

Online Video Cutter
Free Version

I’ve only used this a couple of times, but it’s good and get’s the job done. As the name suggests, it’s a tool to cut your video. Online. I’ve had some videos that I needed to trim down, and this does it so well. It also allows you to add a process bar that shows how much of the video has been shown – cool! It’s easy to work with and fast.

OBS Studio
Open Source, entirely free

This program let’s you record your screen or stream online. I’ve used it to make videos of my developing process when I made The Small Christmas Game. Once I had it up and running, it was really good at recording my screen, computer sound and voiceover. I haven’t tried out the streaming function, but the person that recommended it to me, says it’s great for that too.

HitFilm Express
Free version

You want a great and professional video editing program, but only need the basics? Then try this out! I’ve earlier used programs like Windows Movie Maker and Pinnacle, so I’m not entirely a rookie in these programs, and this one is definitely in the heavier area.

In the free version you can do many basic things, such as zoom in and show only a part of the screen, cut, add text, fade video and audio etc. If you need more options, you can buy addons for the specific things, that you need. The program has so many possibilities (that I have not tried out) and they make amazing How-To videos that shows how you make real movie special effects. I’ve edited a few short videos for online use and it’s good.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading along. Hopefully one of these programs will come in handy for you.

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Video game, collab fiction and Mike Williams

Hey y’all
small update and stuff.

I know I
haven’t posted anything in a loooong time. The very good reason for this is
that I’ve been focusing on writing in my native language, which is not English.
It’s really great to write in a language where I can express myself more freely
and am a 285% better writer.

My video
game The Cursed One Part I is soon closing beta testing, and I will implement
the reported bugs. Most of them have already been fixed, so that’s great. I
look forward to being able to publish it online, I’m still considering which
platform to use, but it will still be free to play though. If you’re interested
in the project you can read more at and if you want to be a
beta tester, you can read more here.

At the moment
I’m running a small fun thing on the Fediverse, a choose your own adventure but
in collab mode. After each small bit I make a poll on what to do next, and everyone
can vote and decide. I have nothing planned, nothing scheduled, I impro it as
we go – it’s fun, it’s short, it’s flash fiction collab. I truly like these
small interactions with others – I find it to be very lonely to be a writer most
of the time.

planning to collect all 10 chapters of Mike Williams into a pretty tablet
friendly PDF – still need to get them proof read, but I’ve made a pretty cool
front page.

Wow, look at that front page!

Take care
out there!

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A letter from the darkness

Hi there, so here’s a letter from the deepest cavern of flu. I’ve been ill over and over again this winter and lately struck down by the meanest flu in the world. I’ve been sick for two weeks and are almost well again. Phew.

I want to tell you all about what’s happening since I haven’t posted in a while. A lot is going on actually.I’ve been working really hard on my game and in January I went to a reception with some people from the local game industry. My game The Cursed One now has its own website and I’ve even got some business cards printed. The site still needs some work and doesn’t look perfect at phones but it’s a start. I’ll be posting news, updates and develop the site as I work so be sure to take a look. I’m considering making a ‘sign me up for a newsletter when the demo arrives’ kinda thing. Could be awesome. My goal is to release the free demo at the end of May.
I’ve also made a thread on the amazing board Exilian, where I will try to update you on my developing process and share some inside stuff.

A screenshot of the game. A woman is worried about her husband.

Another thing happening right now is that I’m taking a big step and will make my own business and work freelance.I’ve been searching for a job for a very long time, so now I’m super hooked to try to scrap up some minor jobs and see if I can make a living out of it. I have a degree in business communications and will be working mainly with texts in my native language. But if you have anything you want translated from English to Danish I might be interested.

I’ve also come up with some ideas for workshops for teens about non-linear storytelling and working with Twinery. Workshops that I might be able to sell to schools, I have many ideas and are excited to try them out.

So, a lot is happening thoughI’m not posting stories or texts here. Most of my writing these days are dialogue for the game. I’m battling sickness to try to work on my projects and business.Can’t wait to see how all this turns out.

Now I’m gonna crawl to bed with my new copy of Turtles all the way down and enjoy John Green’s amazing writing.

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A cut scene from my game

I’ve recently been on a course on how to write scripts for games and making games in RPG Maker MV. It was so much fun, amazing and creative people and a whole lot of work. On the course I began working on a game demo that will become a whole game. These days I spend most of my time working on the game demo.There’s a reception in January so that’s my deadline – sort of.
RPG Maker MV is a great programme allowing people to create games without having to worry about programming or making graphics (super useful to someone like me that can do neither). The possibilities are many, I’ve chosen to make an adventure game like the old Legend of Zelda games or Pokémon. The battle style is much like the one in the old Pokémon games, due to the battle options with the standard programme.
I’ll make more posts about the game, the story and the release so be sure to come back another day.

I’ve recorded a small cut scene that introduces a mini-quest of saving a wood cutter from some ghosts. (Please look past the grammar error. The video has no sound.)

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1 year anniversary on Mastodon

A year ago, I joined Mastodon and an instance recommended for me. It was a perfect match. At that time, I was in a very dark place. I had been through a traumatic birth and my one-month old baby was not an easy one.In fact, the first three months were hell. I didn’t meet much understanding from my surroundings, nobody seems to get that I was in another situation than just “babies are tough”. I’m not going into details, not now anyway, but it was a dark place and I was down. Very down.

Joining Mastodon gave me a place to vent out my frustrations,and not just that, it gave me understanding and supporting people, always ready to give a warm reply. It gave me people to talk to when I had to stay awake at4 am. That instance has been a safe place when I needed it the most.

Soon it became a place with friends and all the creative and especially the writing people at my instance inspired me to find the joy of writing again. To be playful and not care about if it was good enough, as long as I did it. I found my way back to creativity and a way to be ‘me’ again and not just milking machine-mom.

Mastodon has given me an insight to different communities of people and have widened my horizon. I know more, I think more, and I care more.

1 year ago I was in a dark place. I’m not gonna say that people on Mastodon saved me, but they have shaped my life and boosted me in a direction that I don’t think I would necessary have found without them.

Thanks for a wonderful year of support, creativity, insights,knowledge and friendships. Especially thanks to my instance admin and love to the people on it.

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Old typewriter

So my old website #amwriting is now relocated to this beauty CyberNuhn! I did this for several reasons, including not being satisfied with the CMS system used. And now I have my own site, yay!

I’ve moved all my posts and texts, so they’re not gone. I try to be better at using categories and tags to help you and me navigate all the posts. If you need an advice on how to find something, you can find help at the Where to start? page.

Also, now comments are enabled! Feel free to leave a comment at my texts, especially if you liked it ^.^

What’s up?

I hope this new and improved version of my site will help blog and post more frequently and not only texts but hopefully blog posts about my creative projects too.

I’ve just been on a course on how to write and make games using RPG Maker MV and I’m working on releasing a game demo later. I’m so excited and can’t wait to show you! Guess that’s all for now.
Thanks for reading along and welcome to the brand new CYBERNUHN!

P.S. If you have a good idea for an awesome tagline please leave a comment.