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Chapter 4: Not a lucky number

Mike Williams series: A courtroom drama in space

Mike Williams had never won anything in his life. He was never costumer number 1.000, had the winning ticket or the lucky numbers. It wasn’t because he never competed in anything, sometimes he would answer a quiz or participate in a draw, but he never got picked and he never had the right answers.
His grandma always won at the local bingo game, she would bring home a turkey or a box of tissue, but the times Mike had joined her, he left emptyhanded.
To his defence, Mike obviously was an optimist, because he would still buy a lottery ticket from time to time.

‘We only have limited time to prepare before the hearing,’ Morgan Freeman said. ‘But I think it can be to our advantage, that you know as little as you do. In that way, you will seem more genuine.’
‘I’m not sure I agree. You see, I like to be prepared. A lot. Before making a phone call I always take notes on what to say and how to say it. I sort my shopping list into categories to make the shopping more efficient. I never leave the house without gum and bandages, for Christ’s sake!’

Panting, Mike pulled a gum from his pocket and began chewing on it fiercely.
‘What is a phone c- never mind. Of course, you are going to get more information, but all the complex details that could destroy our case immediately, you don’t have to worry about.’

Mike pulled the skin on his face.
‘You have to tell me more, Lay’tek. What is this hearing about? Is it something I have done? What are the consequences if we lose? What is this all about? I don’t know anything, I think I might be losing my mind!’
Lay’tek, in the shape of Morgan Freeman, leaned over the desk and padded Mike on the arm.
‘It’s going to be alright, Mike.’ He gave a warm smile. ‘Let me answer some your questions. First the hearing. Earth has violated several intergalactic laws and restrictions and is now being held accounted for that. Naturally, we can’t have all humans in the hearing, so you have been picked to represent Earth and speak its case. You as a person has done nothing wrong. In the worst scenario, we lose the case, all humans will be imprisoned elsewhere and Earth will be a protected planet.’

No pressure at all, Mike thought. Not at all.

‘Why did you pick me? I’m not a president or a religious leader, I’m not even an influencer. I’m nobody.’
‘Exactly! You, Mike Williams, are not special in any way. In fact, you are the most average person on Earth and therefore the fairest choice for a representative.’
In the fake forest around them, here and there a leaf would fall slowly to the ground. Mike stared at a leaf and tried to get in touch with himself to know how he felt. At the same time, his feelings were a mess, all over the place, whirling around like a thunderstorm and yet he felt weirdly numb.
‘Mike?’ Morgan Freeman said. ‘Are you alright? The time is up. We have to go the hearing.’
Mike wanted to throw up. ‘Bring it on,’ he said.

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